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A story that feels good

Louise’s Diary is an awareness and accessibility campaign created by Relief, a mental health organization that supports people living with anxiety, depression and bipolarity, as well as their loved ones.

Through Louise’s story we help you understand your feelings and we give you the tools you need to take care of yourself so you can improve your well-being while offering you a space where you can break the stigma surrounding mental health.

A fictional character with real emotions

Don’t go looking for Louise, she doesn’t exist in real life. The same is true for the characters around her and her place of work. However, what she feels is very real. Being overwhelmed by work, feeling her throat close up when she stands in a queue, the knot in her stomach when she thinks about her ex, feeling misunderstood by her mother. These are all very real emotions.

A story among so many others

Louise shares her story from her own point of view, with her insights, frustrations, fears, and dreams. You may find yourself saying: “OMG! This is me!” But it may also be true that you don’t see yourself in her words at all, and that’s OK. Louise doesn’t represent the ONLY path to mental health. Each person experiences it differently.

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